Digital Menu Board Systems

Digital Menuboard Systems; shopping centers in the food section of the menu is used to display the content in fast food restaurant chain. Digital Menuboard systems, especially in fast food restaurants across the country rather than fixed menu contents, it is preferable to display the menu much more content and video for the same time period in the digital display. Thus posters, costs, such as the regulation of fixed panel is eliminated entirely and moving image consists of a system.

Digital Menuboard Systems, to be updated with content management software and for an instant they have the ability to instantly published in screen printed according to the standard system faster, more cost-efficient, powerful products are called to influence the audience.
In Digital Menüboard system; With the choice of professionals is increasing demand dipstick late in the day to monitor videowall display.
Thanks to a very fine combination of high brightness and frame thickness with two screen videowall display specially crafted menuboard visual digital video and audio content (product videoa, pictures, etc.) Are used.
Digital Menuboard Systems, with the property to be managed from a single center attention on the necessary reductions and campaigns are more effective than printed system.
Digital Menuboard Applications