AS Professional Display Systems,

Audio, Lighting, Video, Projection, conference and building (hotel, business center, shopping mall, hospital, etc.) Low Current Systems, Video Wall and DLP Cube Systems, Digital Signage, LED Architectural Lighting, LED Screen, TV-Broadcast Studio Display Systems , all sports scoreboard, the Sports Hall and Sports Complex Systems, Touch Screen Kiosk Information Screens, Mapping System and Full Dome Planetarium Display Systems operates in the subject.
Our expert engineers with the right management team and technical staff located in our organization, we offer fast and most efficient solutions.
Our Vision
Our primary goal as AS Professional Display Systems is one of the leading companies in the information technology to the industry in Turkey. World 'is to be the leader of the electronics industry in our country for the introduction of the new emerging technologies.
Our Mission
The private sector and the advancement of our country among developed countries is in the public domain and should be used with the necessary technological systems to take place. We are at this point in the most efficient, affordable prices and we offer systems featuring the latest technologies.
Continuing to the right solution by sharing with all openness, to capture the highest level of solutions for trouble-free operation for many years and our staff skills, training in foreign and domestic seminars are continuing to ignore.
AS Professional Video Systems, innovation, offers technology that combines the quality and reliability. Our company, Professional Video Systems with a focused team of specialized technical staff and engineers in the R & D system realizes design issues and integration. Furthermore, our company expert, will guide the IT industry with world leading manufacturers of steps a company has set as the target.


As Professional Video Systems Study Areas,
  • Visual Equipment
  • Conference Room and Meeting Room Systems
  • Ballroom and Auditorium Systems
  • Professional Projection Systems
  • Touch Screen and Touch Screen Converters
  • Widescreen Blending Systems (Soft Edge Blending Overlap and Hard Edge)
  • LED Display Systems
  • LCD Video Wall System (Frameless Edge Thin LCD and LCD)
  • LED Video Wall Systems (Borderless LED)
  • Video DLP® Cube Systems (Back Projection)
  • Video Wall Controller & Picture in Picture (PIP) Solutions
  • 3-Dimensional (3D) Display Systems
  • 3D Video Mapping Systems
  •  Indoor and Outdoor Kiosk Systems
  • Planetarium (Dome Full Screen) Systems
  • Museum Display Systems (2D / 3D)
  • Automation Systems
  • Digital Signage Systems
  • Interactive Classroom Systems and Software
  • Smart Board Systems
  • IP Control Systems
  • IP Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV - IPCCTV)
Experience of many years, our company with the experience and economic power-performance balance, and we have done projects has become a reliable partner.