LED Screen Systems

 What is LED Display?
LED displays, micro-electronics, video systems are produced using computer and communication technologies. LED display; Work even in sunlight and image perceive (placed apply for external media), high resolution, features such as image sharpness and long life bears the display of advertising and its place in the entertainment industry first rankings.
Advantages of LED Display;
1) the external environment in order to resist the sun,
2) Long working life of
3) Easy to use and practice
4) High quality
5) Low power consumption
6) When the Modular System and optionally Enlarging or reducing the
LED Display of Applications;
1) Fairs, Congresses
2) TV studios, shows, competitions
3) Concert, Meeting Events and Rallies
4) Indoor and Outdoor Advertising
5) Indoor and Outdoor Sports Fields
6) Leasing Sector, etc.
LED Pixel: The smallest unit that forms the LED display. Red in full screen (R), green (G) and blue (B), including 3 different RGB color LED pixel is created. An LED pixel from the combination of LEDs of different colors occurs.
LED Module: refers to the group of pixels that make up LED screens. Cabinets LED panels that make up the group.
LED Cabinet: the special construction of the LED module has already been installed on a specific number. Full-screen images of the merger Cabinet is formed.
LED Display Solutions:
  • Advertising (Advertising)
  • Sports (Sport)
  • Charter (Events)
  • Perimeter Advertising Board (Perimetral ADV Board)
  • The scoreboard (Scoreboard)
  • Monochrome - Three Color Displays (Monocolor - Tricolor)
  • Creative LED Solutions (Curve and Flexible LED)
  • Transparent (Transparent) LED
LED Screens are made installation of fixed areas and is used in two ways.
  • Totem Type Use
  • Surface Mount Type of use (which may be made to use a wall or building facades)
Transparent (Trasnpar that) LED Systems
  • Small; very lightweight and transparent
  • Full video image quality with superior özelliklig
  • Software design with unlimited creativity
  • Strong and sturdy metal design
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Low power consumption