Videowall Screen Systems

What is Videowall Multi-Screen Systems?

Videowall display systems by combining multiple screens is one large image or a multi-screen solution that allows the display of more images.
Videwall screens found in the large field of view generated through the total depth from 3.5mm frame, disorders caused by the frame of the screen to display the requested content is reduced to a minimum. With different levels of brightness of the screen videowall display, draw the attention of the people where they are used, and in particular provides a quick way to reach a targeted audience in advertising activities.
Videowall Multi-Screen Systems Usage Areas
Videowall Multi-Screen Systems; digital signage and menuboard applications, store windows, shopping centers, television studios, security rooms, MOBESE control rooms, the conference and meeting rooms, the hotel lobby to meet department, organization and product launch mAlArIndA is used to display the impressive and large images to viewers in the exhibition.
Videowall display systems, especially in recent years, corporations have an important place in the digital marketing activities.
Operation Schema of Multi-Screen System Videowall
Videowall Multi-Screen Systems; of content with high image and color quality will show brought together a large screen system. The case was based on the appropriate connection type according to the input source type of the videowall ekranlarara, images without the need for an equipment axis has the ability to show as large a videowall display system.
Multi-display videowall systems, especially in remote content of the digital signage system made by management and the restaurant is often used to display the screen of the digital menu. With videowall content management software; content in a centralized server (Server), it is desired to display the images in videowall screen (Client) content to a high standard at a distance away can be displayed locally and over the network.
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