LG 60WL30 Slim Design Narrow-Bezel Display

LG 60WL30 60" LED Eco Friendly & Professional Monitor




Clear & Vivid Picture
(Dynamic CR : 500,000 : 1)

Local Dimming Technology allows brightness to be controlled in block units. This ensures brightness and clarity providing high picture quality. As a bonus, power consumption is reduced.

Clear & Vivid Picture(Dynamic CR : 500,000 : 1)(signage)

Smart Energy Saving Smart Energy Saving

Reduction energy consumption by approximately 30%. 

Smart Energy Saving



• Environmental Regulation : EPA, ERP 
• No Harmful Material : RoHS 
• CO2 Reduction

Eco-FriendlyWide Viewing Angle

Providing clear image virtually at any angle. 

Wide Viewing Angle(LED,LCD)

Media Player Integrated Solution

The solution integrated with media player foregoes the need for additional media players and allows you to cut down expenses.

Media Player Integrated Solution (WL30 Series)

Easy & Fast Delivery of Contents

• USB multi-media playback 
• User friendly interface by using web-based management S/W SuperSign Elite-w Lite

Easy & Fast Delivery of Contents

Narrow Bezel & Slim Depth

With narrower bezel and slimmer depth than those of competitor's, you can save space more efficiently with WL30. 












Narrow Bezel & Slim Depth (WL30)