22inc Toplantı Odası Bilgilendirme Ekranı

Samsung DB22D-P 22" Toplantı Odası Bilgilendirme Ekranı 



Optimize performance, cost-efficiency and easy installation in advanced digital signage

DBD-P Series digital signage offers you a winning combination of cost-efficiency, ease of installation and optimal performance that enables you to be more productive. The embedded, all-in-one 2nd Generation Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP) boosts power and capacity while providing user-friendly content management. Without the need for external media players or PCs, the deployment process is streamlined, saving your time and resources. You can conveniently install this cable-less, lightweight digital signage with its sleek design and built-in power supply for an impressive, modern look and clear message delivery 16/7 on bright, 250-nit screens.



Simplify content delivery with a hassle-free all-in-one solution


Improve productivity and reduce operating costs by installing and configuring the signage solution in small spaces with greater ease. even for small spaceThe embedded, all-in-one 2nd Generation SSSP eliminates the need for a separate PC or media player to streamline digital signage operation and improve total cost of ownership (TCO). To boost efficiency, content deployment is simplified without a PC by USB plug-and-play.

Accelerate business performance with advanced 2nd Generation SSSP




DB22D-P Series digital signage is powered by a significantly upgraded embedded 2nd Generation SSSP. The new quad-core SoC processor substantially improves performance with a remarkably faster processing speed for rich, seamless messaging. In addition, the 2nd Generation SSSP supports a picture-in-picture (PIP) size over 50 percent of the digital signage area for operational excellence, compared to less than 50 percent in dual-core digital signage.

Manage digital signage wirelessly virtually anywhere, anytime on a mobile device





                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        With a convenient built-in Wi-Fi module, users can control and wirelessly distribute content to the digital signage solution using mobile devices for convenient content management. The ability to send and schedule content from a mobile device, instead of locating a PC that is connected to the digital signage or finding suitable cable connections simplifies display management.

Easily manage digital signage with a simplified Home UI, tools and templates

Experience intuitive control of digital signage functions with a newly designed Home screen user interface (UI). Frequently used functions are conveniently available on the Home screen in a new matrix design represented by large menu buttons for ease of use. A selection of menu configurations is also displayed on the Home screen, which can be customized to populate repeatedly used menus instead of using the default selection, for quick access.

DB22D-P Series digital signage also provides powerful content management tools, upgraded for your business use. Features include:
* Multi-channel scheduling.
Deliver various scheduled content on several channels for customized messaging.
* Backup player.
Stay productive at all times, even in the event of unforeseen circumstances.
* Event schedule.
Easily create and provide event schedules to audiences of all types, and automatically update content when event schedules change.
* E-brochure.
Design and disseminate e-brochures according to the content schedule for effective mass messaging. Users can also easily flip through the e-brochure to find specific content to share with customers, just like a paper brochure.

Create content more easily and conveniently than ever with 100 types of included pre-designed templates that are targeted for various vertical markets. Save time and effort by easily and effectively creating and delivering your message with no additional professional assistance.markets. Save time and effort by easily and effectively creating and delivering your message with no additional professional assistance.



Panel Type 60Hz E-LED BLU Contrast Ratio 1000:1
Resolution 1920 X 1080(FHD) Bezel Width 14.85
Brightness 250 Environment N/A
Connectivity Input RGB Analog D-SUB
AUDIO Stereo mini Jack
USB USB 2.0 x 2
Output RGB N/A
EXTERNAL CONTROL RS232C(in) thru stereo jack, RJ45