MagicInfo-i Premium Video Wall Management Software

Samsung MagicInfo-i Premium Video Wall Management Software

MagicInfo is a smart, intuitive content creation and management solution available standard on Samsung Display Solutions products. MagicInfo equips end-users with a suite of creative tools built to facilitate content creation and display management. You can perform a range of functions, from creating eye-catching digital signage to designing and managing a complex, interactive multimedia display system.

MagicInfo is composed of three innovative components that provide integrated, end-to-end content creation and management features :

MagicInfo Player is Samsung’s powerful in-house media player. This embedded software solution enables users to schedule and play a range of media files, which can be stored on the device’s internal hard drive, a remote server, a set-back box, or a USB. Depending on your business needs, you can select one of MagicInfo Player’s four editions, each of with has different functionality for different business environments.

MagicInfo Author allows you to custom build your digital signage using Samsung’s professional design templates and script wizards. You can embed audio, video and text, set various resolutions and screen modes, edit animations and objects using drag-and-drop tools, organize content using a timeline to create interactive and creative digital signage

MagicInfo Server enables adminis­trators to remotely monitor, manage and schedule media content. It also allows administrators to publish content remotely, using a web browser or smartphone app*. In case of system errors, technicians can also use the network to trouble shoot and fix malfunctions remotely.(*Smartphone application is available only with MagicInfo i Player)

About magicinfo mode


Samsung has developed four editions of MagicInfo, each tailored to the needs of different users running different display systems: MagicInfo Lite, MagicInfo Premium S, MagicInfo Premium I, and MagicInfo Videowall.

  MagicInfo i MagicInfo S MagicInfo Lite
Target Enterprise SMB and Large deployment SOHO,SMB
Platform Windows SSSP(Samsung Smart Signage Platform) SSSP(Samsung Smart Signage Platform)
Web-Based Management Server Supported Supported Supported
Extra SBB Need No Needed No Needed
Extended Package Support(DataLink, Mobile) Not Supported Not Supported
Template Supported Supported Supported
  • MagicInfo Lite

    MagicInfo Lite is ideal for standalone devices or smaller networked systems that are used to display pre-built media content.

    • Comes standard with all SSSP-supported Samsung displays
    • Plug and play content through the intuitive embedded media player
    • Play videos (MP4, WMV), images (JPG), PowerPoint, and audio files without requiring external file conversion
    • Schedule content remotely through a network using MagicInfo Server
  • MagicInfo Premium S

    Optimized for small and medium-sized businesses, the embedded MagicInfo Premium S enables you to create, schedule and play content as well as perform basic network and device management tasks.

    • Supports integrated system-on-chip operation (no extra SBB required)
    • 'Standalone mode' for operating without web connectivity
    • 'Network mode' for remotely monitoring and controlling displays from a central location through web
    • Create and schedule content easily and intuitively with MagicInfo Author
    • Supports various video and audio codecs without requiring an additional external media player
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  • MagicInfo Premium i

    MagicInfo Premium i allows you to perform content creation and system management through an expanded Windows-based version of MagicInfo. When paired with a MagicInfo Server, MagicInfo Premium i supports database integration and mobile management, as well as remote content scheduling and playback.

    • Manage display system from a remote, centralized location
    • Monitor devices and mange content via smart phone application
    • Utilize hierarchical management structure that enables a master manager to monitor and support local centers
    • Supports database connectivity for dynamic information display at a scheduled time
    • Display complex content by connecting to LFDs through additional Setback Box (SBB) or Plug-in Module (PIM) hardware
  • MagicInfo Video Wall

    MagicInfo Video Wall facilitates the installation and management of vivid, large-scale, dynamic video wall displays.

    • Network and synchronize a large number of displays : maximum 16 displays with MagicInfo Video Wall S, maximum 250 displays with MagicInfo Video Wall i
    • Supports creative video wall layout, including the option to tilt screen orientation and combine displays of different sizes and shapes
    • Create and display content from various source formats (PC, DVI, etc.)
    • Register, configure and monitor display units from a remote control center