YCD Multimedia Digital Signage Software

YCD Multimedia Digital Signage Software 

Video Wall


Any shape, any size — anywhere. The only limitation is imagination. Whether it’s a 3 x 3 video wall matrix or a mile-long succession of synchronized displays, YCD is renowned for its advanced video wall solution which perfectly projects synchronized and engaging visual content on any number of screens at pixel perfect quality.






With YCDICollage, a special application that synchronizes content over asymmetric shapes, you’ll be able to create stunning displays over any shape, any size, at any resolution, and any orientation — for unlimited options to wow your customers.






As one of the very few true seamless digital projection solutions available, YCD’s proprietary technology enables automatic color and geometric correction to create a single, unified, seamless image. YCDI360° gives you projection perfection across any video wall configuration imaginable.



Video Wall - Business and Functional Benefits

Unparalleled Capabilities - Our award-winning integrated solutions give our customers the freedom to engage, entertain, influence and inform. YCD's video wall solution is inherently designed to drive content over multiple displays, treating any number of screens as one canvas. The solution enables driving content from multiple sources (stored content, live feeds, dynamic, interactive and real time information) to multiple screens, all perfectly synchronized in pixel-perfect quality.

Integration Ready - YCDIWall easily integrates with other third-party software, including lighting systems, SMS, GPS, and others.

Flexible Formats - Display almost any digital messaging file format on your video wall — audio, videos, ads, promotions, and tools including Flash animation overlays, RSS feeds, crawls, web pages, video capture, video streaming, and more.

Audio Quality - Get audio consistency with our patented Volume Normalization technology.